sunbeam factroy

  • Spread over 1,72,000 sq.ft, The Manufacturing setup houses:

Steel Processing Centre

  • The Modern Laser, Turret, Shearing, Press Brake, Notching Machines exclusively dedicated for the Press shop activity are well equipped to achieve optimum result in terms of Productivity with Quality.
  • Laser Cutting machine can perform to the maximum accuracy level (0.02mm) and the cutting speed is 3000 m/min for sheet metal cutting and minimum hole size to the thickness of the Sheet up to 20 mm.
  • ASR Turret punching Machine with Auto loader can be operated at 750 hits/min and close to 1 million hits /day. All controls are automated through software applications.

Fabrication Shop

  • In-house facilities are made to produce high skilled fabricated components with MIG welding Process through Qualified welders as per AWS Standards. Line Concept is brought in place to sequence the process as per the derived process flow Chart.
  • Spot & Stud welding machines are installed to do Sheet metal joining operation.
  • Proper layout is drawn to bring Safety & All protective equipments were provided to all the employees at their respective work Stations.


  • Grit and Shot Blasting up to 8 bar Pressure.
  • Down-Draft Water Washed Spray Booth for Best-in-Class Finish.

Pre Treatment & Powder Coating

  • Fully automated PLC Controlled Transporter with Nine tank process.
  • Hot process & Air Agitated.
  • A state-of-the-art Powder Coating facility to achieve best-in class quality.
  • The coated components are being inspected online with test samples which under goes different test to confirm the Quality with the adequate support of unique Lab facility established(In-house).


  • Station wise assembly concept to bring the Quality and productivity improvement.
  • Systemized process to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Testing booth & Automatic testing with Online support.


  • PT - Rinse Water is collected and fed to the primary settling tank and passed through aeration tank to the Secondary settling tank to control the pH & TDS Value prior to R.O Plant.
  • • R.O Plant further clarifies the ETP Water at 60(Water):40(Reject Water), Rejected water is pumped through open sprinkler for Solar Evaporation .In order to Achieve the zero effluent.